Transportation by the people, for the people

Dollar vans are an alternative transportation service that is fast and cheap.

Van Information

Everything you need to know about dollar vans.

How To Ride

You can board dollar vans at designated stops, or hail them just like a taxi. Queens, Flatbush: you can request a drop-off anywhere along the route. Chinatown, Flushing, Sunset Park: you must board and depart at designated stops.

Van Fares

Pay your driver before or after your ride.

Queens, Flatbush: $2

Chinatown, Flushing, Sunset Park: $3-4.

Licensed Vans

Riding Licensed Dollar Vans makes your ride safer. TLC (NYC Taxi & Limousine Commission) runs background checks on all drivers. Vehicles must meet strict safety standards. Commuter Van operators must meet proper insurance and licensing requirements.

TLC-licensed Commuter Vans have visible markings

TLC-licensed Commuter Vans have visible markings:

  • TLC blue diamond decals: located in each rear passenger door, the windshield and the rear door window.
  • TLC-issued license plates: that either begin with T and end with C, or end with either: LV, LB, LA, or BB.
  • Business information: about the van's owner and operator on the van body


View route information for dollar vans.

Eastern Queens


Chinatown / Sunset Park / Flushing


Flatbush / Utica